Supported Living Case Study

David had spent all of his life living in the family home. When his mother became ill, requiring hospital admission, he stayed with another family member for a short period. Sadly, David’s mother passed away and David required a new long term home.

David was supported to look at various placement options and ultimately chose a Supported Living setting with Futures Care as his preferred choice. He was supported in purchasing new items of his own and was able to chose the décor for his room.

Initially there were some difficulties for David settling into his new home. Not only was he managing his grief, but he was also encountering many significant changes in his life circumstances. With staff support, David was able to adjust to the changes he has faced and is now a valued and much liked member of his household. He regularly socialises and participates in activities with those and he lives with and has recently created a lockdown memory book.

The individual’s name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

Mental Health Case Study

When Futures Care were approached to provide a community placement, Brian had been an impatient in a Mental Health hospital for a number of years. Brian experiences high levels of anxiety and can display aggression towards others that put himself and others at risk of harm.

To support his community placement, robust Positive Behaviour Support Plans have been put in place which aid Brian in maintaining relationships with staff through strong professional boundaries and excellent communication. Staff communicate with Brian calmly, using simple simple language that is easy for Brian to understand and follow. This straight forward approach helps to reduce Brian’s anxiety.

Staff support Brian in his everyday life, helping him to manage his high anxieties which result from his Mental Health difficulties. Staff working with Brian are skilled in how to engage him proactively and positively, aiding him in his reintroduction to the community and helping him to take realistic and achievable steps towards his goal of greater independence.

The individual’s name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

Autism Case Study

When Nora was coming to the end of her formal education, Futures Care was approached to provide community support, as she had been unable to access formal day care services due to the complexities of her autistic tendencies and associated behaviours.

Nora depends on a stable routine and consistent boundaries to enable her to process the world in which she lives. When these requirements are met, she is able to reduce behaviours that challenge as a result of her difficulties with social communication and interaction.

Staff are skilled in communicating with Nora, often making use of Pictorial Cards and Now and Next Tools. With Nora’s input, they provide her with a tightly structured routine which is as predictable as possible for her. Now she can enjoy quality time in the family home, while also having access to meaningful activities and respite support that allows balance for both Nora and her family.

The individual’s name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

Challenging Behaviour Case Study

Hayley had been living in a group home setting for many years when an increase in the frequency of her challenging behaviours and the risk they posed to others meant she had to change residency.

Futures Care were asked if they could provide Hayley with a single occupancy residency, where she could be supported in a stable environment in which she could learn coping skills to manage her behaviour with the help of a confident and competent team of support staff. Following a thorough assessment and transition period, Hayley was able to move into a new house which she can happily describe as home.

With Futures Care support, there has been a great reduction in the number and severity of Hayley’s behaviours. She is now able to regularly access the community, enjoy recreational time, maintain contact with her family, and contribute towards daily activities. She now leads a life in which day to day she is happy and relaxed.

The individual’s name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

Clinical Care Case Study

When Connor’s care needs were not being met, Futures Care were asked to take over as Connor’s care provider.  Retaining his core staff, Futures Care were able to build a competent and reliable care team that understood Connor’s care needs, with an emphasis on communication, allowing Connor to have trust in those who care for him and feel safe in his day to day life.

With a solid foundation of care, Connor’s quality of life and emotional well-being has vastly improved, and now he can confidently access the community, make plans with friends and visit family. Since joining Futures Care, Connor has found employment within the company and is a valued member of our recruitment team. He has also been able to go on holiday for the first time since before his accident.

The individual’s name has been changed to respect their confidentiality