Behaviour that Challenges

People display challenging behaviours for many reasons. Our specialist services aim to remove potential triggers before behaviours can occur.

What is Behaviour that Challenges?

Behaviour that can be defined as challenging comes in many forms.

Challenging behaviour can include:

Self-harm (this itself can expressed in many forms, from scratching to eating non-edible items)

Aggression (verbal and physical)

Destructiveness (damage to property, theft, and a lack of awareness to one’s personal safety)

Inappropriate Sexualised Behaviour (such as groping or public indecency)

Repetitions (repetitive movements, speech patterns and behaviours)

Causes of Behaviour that Challenges

There are many biological factors which can lead to incidents. These can include physical pain and the effects of medication.

Our Behavioural Services

At Futures Care, we understand that challenging behaviours can be just as distressing for the individual displaying them as they are for their family and loved ones.

This is why it is important to understand the triggering factors that can lead to a challenging incident.

Our care plans are designed in tandem with the individual, his or her family, and professionals such as behavioural analysts, to devise a care strategy that recognises potential trigger factors and actively works to remove them. We work with the individual to understand the reasons behind their behaviour, and equip them with the skills they need to manage their responses.

By reducing the frequency and duration of incidents, we can help the individual gain a greater control over their lives. Through helping an individual to recognise and overcome their own triggers, we are working alongside them to develop invaluable personal skills and coping strategies, increasing their independence and promoting Self-Efficacy.

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Case Study

Hayley had been living in a group home setting for many years when an increase in the frequency of her challenging behaviours and the risk they posed to others meant she had to change residency.

Futures Care were asked if they could provide Hayley with a single occupancy residency, where she could be supported in a stable environment in which she could learn coping skills to manage her behaviour with the help of a confident and competent team of support staff. Following a thorough assessment and transition period, Hayley was able to move into a new house which she can happily describe as home.

With Futures Care support, there has been a great reduction in the number and severity of Hayley’s behaviours. She is now able to regularly access the community, enjoy recreational time, maintain contact with her family, and contribute towards daily activities. She now leads a life in which day to day she is happy and relaxed.

The individuals name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

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