Mental Health

Mental Health conditions can pose significant challenges to regular life. A person living with a Mental Health condition may feel as though they are removed from the world around them.

Our person-centred specialised support works to empower the individual and encourage personal-autonomy, enabling them to live more independently.

Mental Health Care

Our Mental Health services specialise in rehabilitation, helping those living with Mental Health conditions in leaving hospital settings and reintroducing them to the community. To achieve this, we work closely with the individual, their loved ones, and health care professionals such as doctors and psychiatrists to create a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs.

Our goal is to prevent the need for the individual to be readmitted to a hospital setting. We understand that the best way to do this, is to help the individual maintain stability in their life. Working with expert psychologists, we can offer behaviour plans to help the individual develop coping skills and long term strategies to assist them when challenges arise.

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Personality Disorders

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Case Study

When Futures Care were approached to provide a community placement, Brian had been an impatient in a Mental Health hospital for a number of years. Brian experiences high levels of anxiety and can display aggression towards others that put himself and others at risk of harm.

To support his community placement, robust Positive Behaviour Support Plans have been put in place which aid Brian in maintaining relationships with staff through strong professional boundaries and excellent communication. Staff communicate with Brian calmly, using simple simple language that is easy for Brian to understand and follow. This straight forward approach helps to reduce Brian’s anxiety.

Staff support Brian in his everyday life, helping him to manage his high anxieties which result from his Mental Health difficulties. Staff working with Brian are skilled in how to engage him proactively and positively, aiding him in his reintroduction to the community and helping him to take realistic and achievable steps towards his goal of greater independence.

The individual’s name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

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