Autistic Spectrum Disorder

For those living with the condition, Autistic Spectrum Disorder can make daily life challenging. It may often feel like a barrier stopping them from leading a normal life.

Our specialist care plans are designed to aid those living with the condition, helping them to navigate the world as they develop invaluable life skills.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

ASD is a condition that affects a person’s behaviour, creating difficulties with social communication and interaction.

Individuals living with ASD can find the unpredictability of life difficult and benefit from a stable routine. They may have different ways of learning, socialising, and reacting.     

Previously, ASD has been divided into different disorders such as ‘Autism’ or ‘Asperger Syndrome’. As each disorder had the same symptoms, but varied in terms of severity, it is now better understood as a single disorder on a wide spectrum. This new classification has made it easier to distinguish autistic disorders from other developmental disabilities. 

The 3 Domains of Autistic Spectrum Disorder

There are three main areas of observable symptoms for those living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. While these cannot be changed, the individual can learn skills and coping mechanisms to help benefit them in their daily lives.

Autistic Spectrum Care Services Gloucester

Understanding that individuals living with ASD do not adapt well to change, our specialist Person-Centred care plans emphasise the importance of consistency and routine in the life of the individual. Working with the person receiving care, we develop a care plan that allows them to develop coping skills to manage their own behaviour, while aiming to advance their specific goals, whether that be developing skills for work or accessing the community.

In caring for those with ASD, we work with local Community Learning Disabilities Teams. This is greatly beneficial for an individual with ASD, as it can provide them with access to services such Sensory Assessment, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapist Support, as well as community activities.

As those living with ASD can find any change to their lives difficult, our use of Social Stories can help prepare individuals for change. A Social Story is a tool used to introduce a concept or narrative to an individual with ASD, with simple text and illustrations, which can help them feel more comfortable when presented with the change.

Social Stories can help with:

Moving Accommodation

Meeting a New Care Team

Meeting New People

Accessing the Community

Accessing Social Activities

Medical Interventions (such as visits to the doctor or dentist)

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Case Study

When Nora was coming to the end of her formal education, Futures Care was approached to provide community support, as she had been unable to access formal day care services due to the complexities of her autistic tendencies and associated behaviours.

Nora depends on a stable routine and consistent boundaries to enable her to process the world in which she lives. When these requirements are met, she is able to reduce behaviours that challenge as a result of her difficulties with social communication and interaction.

Staff are skilled in communicating with Nora, often making use of Pictorial Cards and Now and Next Tools. With Nora’s input, they provide her with a tightly structured routine which is as predictable as possible for her. Now she can enjoy quality time in the family home, while also having access to meaningful activities and respite support that allows balance for both Nora and her family.

The individual’s name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

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