Clinical Care

Clinical Health Conditions come in many forms and have a deep impact on those who live with them.

Our nurse-led clinical support packages are designed to support those with Clinical Health Conditions receive the care that they need in the comfortability of their own home.

Clinical Care Gloucester

What is Clinical Care?

Clinical Care is a nurse-led service that is tailored to support individuals with specific health care needs. This service enables people who might traditionally have received care in a care facility or hospital setting to live in their home environment. Depending on the condition, the duration of this care can vary, from a short rehabilitative period to a person’s whole lifetime.

At Futures Care, we are experienced in providing care for people living with a variety of Clinical Health Conditions. These include:

  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Stroke
  • Huntington’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Clinical Care can Include

For those with limited movement, Moving and Handling may be a necessary feature of their care. This can be understood to be any physical interaction between care staff and the individual with the purpose of moving the individual’s position, whether that be changing their position in bed or aiding them into a chair. Depending on the individual, different aids such as easy stand aids, transfer sheets and hoists may be required.

All Moving and Handling practices are risk assessed and tailored to the individual.

How do we support those with Clinical Needs?

  • Our Care Plans for those receiving Clinical Care is made in liaison with Health Care Professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dieticians and Field Experts in the specific condition. These are reviewed regularly to ensure a level of care that is of continued benefit to the individual.
  • Our staff are provided with additional Client Specific Training to ensure that the unique requirements of the individual are being met. Our rigorous training standards only permit our staff to perform a procedure once they have been deemed competent by a Medical Professional.
  • Our continued partnership with Care Trusts enable us to provide Clinical Care in the individual’s own home, taking an integrated approach to Clinical Care through continual liaison with NHS and Hospital Professionals.

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Case Study

When Connor’s care needs were not being met, Futures Care were asked to take over as Connor’s care provider.  Retaining his core staff, Futures Care were able to build a competent and reliable care team that understood Connor’s care needs, with an emphasis on communication, allowing Connor to have trust in those who care for him and feel safe in his day to day life.

With a solid foundation of care, Connor’s quality of life and emotional well-being has vastly improved, and now he can confidently access the community, make plans with friends and visit family. Since joining Futures Care, Connor has found employment within the company and is a valued member of our recruitment team. He has also been able to go on holiday for the first time since before his accident.

The individuals name has been changed to respect their confidentiality

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